VL :: Ludwigstrasse 37 - Waydescription/Overview - please click to enlargeFrom the motorway A14, use the B100 direction HALLE/SAALE. Stay at the B100 to the end and there turn left into the DESSAUER STRASSE. After some hundred metres (always main road), turn left into PARACELSUSSTRASSE at the traffic lights. That street is a four-lane street, you must use the left lane. Now the name of the street is VOLKMANNSTRASSE - use the right lane. On your left, there are rows of houses, when you have passed them, turn to the right, use the left lane, turn left at the traffic lights!

Central lane, now you are at the RIEBECKPLATZ, the worst roundabout traffic in Halle. You must - so to speak - cross this place straight ahead (which you cannot do directly, for it is a roundabout), it can be helpful to follow the signs directing LEIPZIG. When you have managed this, use the exit to the right direction LEIPZIG.


VL :: Ludwigstrasse 37 - Waydescription/Details - please click to enlargeThis exit is only some dozen metres after the roundabout. Then DO NOT follow the main road, but go straight on into WILLY-BRANDT-STRASSE (formerly PHILIPP-MÜLLER-STRASSE). At the end of that street, you reach another, smaller roundabout traffic (Rannischer Platz). From this, turn right into the WÖRMLITZER STRASSE, this is the forth road. From the WÖRMLITZER STRASSE you must soon turn right into the LUDWIGSTRASSE, just before the school at the corner. Our house is halfway on the left side of the street - NUMBER 37!

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